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Hargin - Ultra-Ion Car Wash
Ultra-Ion Car Wash

             32 oz. Refill

      The "Original" Waterless Car Wash



Join the “GREEN ” Movement by taking a look at our web site and order the product you need.

Are you in need of the best waterless car wash products used in a mobile detailing business, restoring paint, getting rid of water spots, keeping your vehicle in pristine condition, doing a quick detail, doing a thorough and deep detail, polishing those rims, detailing some leather and vinyl, etc. etc?  Whatever you need to do to the interior as well as the exterior of a vehicle to improve the looks, we have the best full service waterless car wash products available to take care of it.


DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® Waterless Car Wash, the “ORIGINAL”  WATERLESS CAR WASH PRODUCTS is the best way to wash cars, trucks, boats, aircrafts, motorhomes / RVs, motorcycles, home furnishings, kitchen appliances, broad-leave house plants, faux plants, tractors, chrome finishes, plus so much more without the use of water since 1991 / approximately 29 years of being GREEN.  DWG International™ was GREEN long before GREEN was even thought of.   This product is so versatile; it can be used on virtually any non-porous surface.  Whatever you drive or live in is a huge investment so why not put your best image forward by using the best waterless car wash possible.  WOW!  


We all know a vehicle cannot be washed without the use of water and soap (YES, I’m being snide)..  However, what we did not know is that soap and water has no lubricity to protect the paint from scratching.  It takes a protective seal which resists the penetration of dirt or an emulsifier (suspender) to pick up the dirt to protect the paint.  DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® Waterless Car Wash has the ability to wash and also provides the protective seal for the paint.


Let us talk about the waterless carwash concept.  Waterless carwash means NO WATER, either in the product, nor washing before using, or rinsing afterward.  Dri Wash ‘n Guard® Waterless Car Wash meets all these requirements.  It is the first of its kind and truly waterless carwash.   Many products say they are waterless but the product must be mixed with water, the vehicle must be washed first, or rinsed after with water.  Another note, our products contain no silicone, NO carnauba wax, NO Teflon or water, nor is it mixed with water.  It is a polymer based product and will not scratch.


Our detailing products were developed to give your vehicle the finest finish by cleaning, shining, and protecting all in one application. It is used by auto enthusiasts, Professional Detailers, farmers, motorcyclists, boaters, recreational vehicles owners whether retired or not as well as everyday people who just like a clean car.


Thank you for taking a look at our DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® Waterless Car Wash web site.  Contact us if we can be of help.

             32 oz. Refill

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