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 Best Bang for your buck for the bigger jobs.

A great refill for the 16 oz DWG Ultra-Ion with trigger sprayer.

The formula is a LIGHT PURPLE color.


64 oz. DWG Waterless Car Wash Ultra-Ion Refill

SKU: 1623
  • Shake bottle well.  If using trigger sprayer, pull back slightly on the trigger and spray product in a sweeping motion onto vehicle.  Using a micro fiber towel, move in circles and bring the product to a haze.  LET HAZE DRY.  Using a second micro fiber towel, moving in circles and using finer-tip pressure, polish the vehicle using only the weight of the towel.

    If using the aftermarket pump, when you are down to your last spray, turn the pump upside down like a paint can and spray.  Release the pressure and store.  You do not have to remove the product from the pump.

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