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Our Premium Metal Polish is loved by many car as well as plane lovers.  It stands above any metal polish on the market.

It cleans, seals and protects unpainted metal surfaces as well many other surfaces.

DWG Premium Metal Polish

SKU: 1061
  • Before appling Premium Metal Polish to any metal, please check in a small spot.  If cloth does not start to turn black, STOP.  A coating has been put on the metal.  Clean with Ultra-Ion Waterless Car Wash instead.

    Put a small drop on a cotton cloth or small piece of automotive carpet, rub on metal until you can feel it cream and then polish off.  Light pressure is needed. 

    To maintain the finish, we recommend applying a coat of Ultra-Ion Waterless Car Wash when finished cleaning with Metal Polish.

  • Please see Contact Us for information on Shipping and Returns

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