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Not only does this great product clean UFC but is very effective on food spills, smoke odors, pet accidents, petroleum products, paint splatters, dirt and grass stains; it is a super odor eliminator.  NO, it doesn't cover the odors, it eliminates them.

DWG Upholstery, Fabric & Carpet Treatment / 16 oz. with Trigger Sprayer

SKU: 1026
  • Carpet & Upholstery has a wicking agent which goes deep into the carpet or upholstery pulling out the stain and is a fantastic deodorizer which eliminates the odor.  It doesn not just cover the odor, it eliminates it.

    Spray on, clean with one-rolled cotton towel and dry with a second rolled micro fiber towel.

    To spot clean, spray spot heavily with Carpet and Upholstery product and pat dry with a micro fiber towel.  May need to repeat step.

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