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Micro Blaze is the most effective and least costly solution for septic systems and holding tanks.  Designed for the Home and RV Industry.  It has NO harmful chemicals in it, safe for use around children and animals.  Contains no formaldehyde products.  It is a micro-bacteria activated product.  Micro Blaze will turn the solids into liquid but then the friendly bacteria takes over and continues to reduce the solid build up.  It will help clean the sensors on RV holding tank guage readouts.  Clean the lines to the septic field in your home.  Micro-Blaze has the best odor elinating results on the market. 

1 oz. per treatment in the RV black or gray holding tanks.  8 oz. in the home septic system per treatment.

Micro-Blaze Septic Cleaner / 6 Bottle Pack / PRODUCT SHIPPED UPS

SKU: PC206

    Remove cap and pour 8 oz. of Micro-Blaze Septic in any toilet leading to the septic system and flush once.  Repeat application monthly or whenever you flush tank.

    RV / MARINE........


    Loosen cap over measuring chamber (do not completely remove cap) and gently squeeze until you have 1 oz. (30 ml) in the measuring chamber.  Put about 1/2 bowl of water in the toilet, pour 1 oz. from measuring chamber in to the bowl and brush and clean the bowl as normal.  Flush.  DO NOT USE OR ADD any other tank treatment or cleaning product.


    Close gray water tank.  Add 1 oz. (30 ml) to 8 oz. of water in a glass or plastic water bottle.  Mix and pour equally down each sink and shower drain.  Let sit overnight and rinse the next morning putting several gallons of water in the tank.  KEEP GRAY WATER TANK CLOSED UNTIL FULL.  After draining the tank, repeat the process.

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